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Lawyer Helping Small Businesses With Contract and Employment Disputes in California

As a small business owner, the success of your business is substantially influenced by your relationships with many different parties, including your customers, employees, vendors, service providers, and more. Often, these relationships have a contractual component, through which you and the other party have certain legal obligations to each other. When there are questions as to whether you or the other party have fulfilled your contractual requirements, you could find yourself embroiled in litigation.

At the Law Office of David Schechet, we know that legal disputes can severely threaten a business's viability and success. We can help you review all of your important contract agreements so that you fully understand your rights and obligations. We can also help you enforce the terms of a contract or defend you against claims for breach of contract. David Schechet graduated with highest honors from UCLA School of Law and has over 35 years of legal experience. This allows us to approach even the most complicated business disputes with knowledge and confidence.

Legal Representation for Contract Disputes

Many contract disputes occur over the exchange of products and services. You may have many different contracts with vendors of supplies and materials, as well as providers of services that are vital to your business's operations. You may also have contractual obligations to provide products, materials, or services to other businesses or individuals. These contracts can include terms regarding the specific materials or services to be provided, their condition and quality, the timeline for fulfillment of the contract, and the payment owed.

Pursuing a claim for breach of contract, or defending yourself from a similar claim, requires a thorough understanding of the contract terms. If you are seeking remedies from the other party for breach of contract, we can help you identify the specific terms they have violated and gather evidence of the breach. If someone takes legal action against you, we will help you understand the nature of their claim and prepare evidence to contest it.

In addition to disputes regarding supplies and services, we also represent business owners in other types of contractual disputes. We can help you resolve disputes with your landlord regarding the terms of your commercial lease agreement, as well as disputes with your business partners. We can also help you take the appropriate steps to collect payment from delinquent clients.

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Contract and employment disputes can be deeply concerning, but with our guidance and representation, you can approach your case with greater peace of mind. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation by calling 800-282-4731. We represent small business owners throughout California, and we make our services available wherever is most convenient for you.

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