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Mediator for Real Estate Contract and Lease Disputes

Buying or selling a home or a commercial real estate property is a process that requires a significant investment of time, money, and effort. A real estate transaction may be stressful even under the best circumstances, but it can become even more stressful when a dispute arises between you and another party either during or after the completion of the transaction. If you are involved in a real estate dispute, mediation may help you keep the transaction from derailing, or avoid expenses and possible legal consequences.

Mediation for Real Estate Purchase Contract Disputes

Allegations of breaches of contract are some of the most common disputes related to commercial and residential real estate. As either the buyer or seller, you may be facing a claim from the other party that you have failed to follow through on your obligations according to the purchase contract, or you may be struggling with another party who will not fulfill their commitments or legal requirements. For example, you may be dealing with a situation involving insufficient disclosures on the part of the seller, a dispute over escrow funds, or a refusal to turn over ownership of the property on the agreed-upon closing date.

Any of these disputes can significantly delay a transaction, or prevent it altogether. You may be able to resolve a breach of contract through litigation, but this can be expensive, and it likely means that the transaction will not be completed for many months, if at all. Lingering resentment between you and the other party can also lead to further problems in the future. Mediation can help you avoid many of these negative effects.

During mediation, your neutral mediator will help you and the other party identify solutions that fulfill both of your needs. Unlike with litigation, you are not confined by the court's schedule, nor are you bound by the remedies that a judge may order. This means that you can often reach a resolution more quickly, allowing the transaction to proceed with minimal delays. Mediation also often results in a more satisfying outcome for both parties, which can help prevent disputes from recurring over time.

Mediation for Other Real Estate Disputes

In addition to breaches of contract, our mediation services can help you resolve many other disputes regarding your real estate properties, including:

  • Boundary disputes- Residential and commercial real estate property owners may face disputes with the owners of neighboring properties, which can hinder the use or development of the property.
  • Commercial lease disputes - Commercial property owners who lease space to business owners may face disputes over alleged violations of lease agreements.
  • Title disputes - Property owners may face disputes involving encumbrances on the property title, including easements in place by the government and utility companies, or liens initiated by lenders, tax collectors, or contractors who have done work on the property.
  • Co-owner disputes - Parties who share ownership of a property may have disagreements over how it should be managed, which may lead to attempts to have the property partitioned.

As with contract disputes, resorting to litigation in any of these cases may result in delayed or undesirable outcomes, but mediation may lead to more acceptable resolutions for you and the other party.

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