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California Mediator For Business Disputes

San Francisco CA business dispute mediation

Attorney Provides Mediation Services for Employment and Contract Disputes in California

When you are operating a business, some level of conflict and disagreement is to be expected. Unfortunately, sometimes a disagreement escalates to the point of legal action, which can be costly and damaging to the business. If you find yourself facing a difficult conflict with another party that you are not able to resolve on your own, you may be able to prevent legal consequences and their side effects by resolving the dispute through mediation.

At the Law Office of David Schechet, we understand how valuable mediation can be as a tool for small business owners. Throughout 35 years of legal experience, we have seen firsthand the toll that litigation can take on a business, and we strive to offer an alternative by providing certified mediation services that may lead to more favorable resolutions for all parties involved. We can help you work through a complicated dispute to reach an agreement that meets your needs.

What Happens During Business Dispute Mediation?

During mediation, the parties to a business dispute meet with a neutral, third-party mediator throughout the course of one or more scheduled sessions. Each party will have the opportunity to express their perspective on the issues at hand and their priorities for an acceptable resolution. After listening to both parties, the mediator will provide guidance to help the parties identify common ground and find ways to address each other's concerns. The parties will then work to establish the terms of an agreement that may become legally binding if approved by the appropriate court.

Compared to litigation, mediation often saves a business owner time and money by reducing or eliminating attorney fees, court costs, and drawn-out legal processes. The privacy of mediation also helps to protect the business's public reputation, and the cooperative nature of the process may help business owners maintain important relationships with clients, partners, and employees.

Contract Dispute Mediation

Business owners may be involved in a variety of contract disputes, with common examples including partnership agreement disputes, sales and service contract disputes, and other contract disputes. When a contract dispute results in litigation and the court finds that a breach of contractual obligations has occurred, there are typically two possible outcomes. The judge may order one party to financially compensate the other for losses and damages, or the judge may issue an order of specific performance, requiring a party to fulfill their contractual duties. Mediation opens the door to other possibilities, including the renegotiation of contract terms such that both parties are better able to fulfill their obligations to each other.

Contact a Business Dispute Mediator in California

If you are involved in a difficult business dispute, contact us at 800-282-4731 to schedule a free consultation. We can help you understand whether mediation is a viable option and take the right steps to initiate the mediation process. We offer virtual mediation services to clients throughout California, allowing you to resolve disputes from your own home or office, or anywhere that works best for you.

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